Size Matters

A bit of a cheesy title, but I am passionate about this particular topic, and it relates to SHOES, in particular, women’s or girls shoes, for big feet.

I recently took my daughter into our local sports store to order a pair of women’s size 12 netball shoes.  We had her measured up, and she was really excited, as she should be, those things were  going to cost me $200.00AUD.  The sport store went direct to the brand distributors and they had told him that size was in stock.  So we ordered.  About 6 days later I went back to see if they had arrived, and was told they didn’t have them in stock, after we had rung and they had said they were.  Okay, had to tell her, “sorry babe, but they don’t have them in stock and you have to choose another pair.”  She had her heart set on those and reluctantly chose another pair.  They were $10 cheaper but that wasn’t the point.  6 days later went back to the store, and yes you guessed it, same story “oh sorry they didn’t have them in stock”.  I am now trying to source the style and size from somewhere else. 

I am an avid “keeping business local” person, and now find that I will be travelling to another area to find these shoes for her.

My point to this is that she is 14 years old, has been told to try a men’s size range, change her shoe style, change her colour preference, try these other type of shoe etc etc.  Why should she?

If manufacturers think that all women or girls of a chosen sport, who are tall, and who don’t have the petite size 6-9 shoe size are normal, then guess again.  Typically I am guessing these girls would need 11-13 shoe sizes, in fact I know they do, because the girls of similar age and height in netball are all 11-13+ in shoe size. 

The age that they are makes them a little sensitive when shopping for sport shoes at the best of times, let alone women’s fashion shoes.  My daughter basically walks around barefoot, because she cannot find a pair to fit her off the shelf.  BUT the smaller sizes are abundant, is that because the bigger sizes have flown off due to the actual demand, and those that are left will remain there for the 4 to 5 year old kids.

I know I am not the only one that has this issue, as I have spoken to some of the parents and they have to wait up to 4 weeks to have theirs delivered, only to find they are ill fitting due to the child having narrow feet, wide feet etc.

Online shopping may work, but again we need to have shoes fitted correctly for a sport that is fast paced, with constant changes of direction, so require specific needs.  We have no problem for normal running shoes, just sport specific and women’s fashion shoes.  Feels a bit weird to have to say women’s fashion shoes, because she is still a child at heart.



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