Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller (CENTURY POST)

You receive a call from an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!

Oh no there’s that “unknown caller” on my phone again!!! I look at it and think nope, not answering, it will be someone that is trying to sell me something AGAIN!!! So I let it go to the answer machine, and as expected it’s a hang up, no message left, no nothing except the beep beep of call disconnected. Then without fail, immediately another call, “unknown caller”, okay maybe it’s not someone who is trying to sell me something…..as I pick it up…

“hello” the distant pause, as I wait for the other end to answer, “hello” I say, then the caller answers “hello ma”am, in a distinctly Indian or Pakistani accent….oh great here we go again….”yes how can I help you” I say in a very sarcastic voice, “ma’am we are here to let you know how you can save money”. “Yeap, I have heard this before, what are you trying to sell” not bothering to hide my disdain, because I have just been proven right and wrong in two phone calls. The wrong phone call is the one I am on now……dammit.

“I am here to help save you money on your phone bill ma’am, would you like to”
“No, I don’t want to save money”
“But everyone wants to save money”
“Not me, and I am really not interested in what you have to say, also I would like to know your X number, and I will be calling my phone provider to clarify that you do indeed work for them as you say you do, so ring me back in 5 mins and I will be happy to talk with you, AFTER I have clarified”.

“Ma’am, I am truly here to help you save money and if you just hear me out, you will be happy with the savings you will make if you…”
“What is your X number, if you don’t give it to me, then we don’t have anything more to talk about”, in a very agitated tone by this time….
“Ma’am I can help”
“Okay, I am hanging up now, I am not interested, and make sure you take this number off your lists because I am just not interested, thank you, good bye”.

Most of my unknown callers are sellers, and the fact that I only have a few numbers stored in my home phone, and I don’t give that number to many people so every now and then, I think maybe someone is wanting to leave me an inheritance or something, from a long lost relative that I didn’t know, I should answer that….and each time it is the same…phone sales and I really shouldn’t let my imagination get away from me, but I do…and then my agitation comes forward real quick when I answer, but hey I will always be the optimist…

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